An Interview With Thomas Finley - Crypto Artist

By   2016-03-21

Yes, we love our crypto-artists, and here’s another of our favorites. Tom Finley, from the UK, tries to depict his tall, hairy subjects with a real heart and soul. Sometimes to the dismay of some onlookers, as you’ll read about in this interview. But we love his work, and hope he’ll keep on doing it just the way he does. Intuitively…and with class.

Dorraine: When did you first become interested in pursuing art? 

Thomas: As the family legend goes according to my late Mother, I started drawing when I was 3 years old and would sit and copy my Mother do her art as she was a very accomplished water colorist. I learned a lot from her throughout my childhood. When I moved on to High School and I had a really great art teacher who really encouraged me to do better at my work. I have always done my art for personal enjoyment mainly but I have sold art throughout my adult life but I prefer giving it away as it is more meaningful experience for me and the person receiving it. So, in answer to your question 1963. I always knew I would be an artist deep down.


Dorraine: Have you always lived in UK? And are there other places you lived or traveled that have influenced your art?


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