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GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA — An alleged "Bigfoot" sighting in North Carolina this past week has police warning citizens not to attack any suspected creatures, in the event it's not what they think it is.

On August 4, a team of amateur investigators known as Bigfoot 911 gathered at a well known sighting spot in McDowell County. One of the members, John Bruner, claims to have caught a glimpse of a "large bipedal animal covered in hair." In a Facebook post on the group's page, Bruner recounts seeing the mysterious being take off into the dark forest as he quickly gave chase. Bruner managed to catch sight of the entity again near a broken tree further into the woods. Bruner says for a second, the two were locked in a staredown, recalling "Its face was solid black no hair on it, the hair looked shaggy all over." The legendary beast then disappeared into the forest once more, but Bruner will never forget the sight of seeing its buttocks flexing with each step as it dashed, according to FOX Carolina.

Unfortunately, Bruner did not manage to get a photograph of his rarest of rare encounters, because he and his colleagues didn't have their cameras at that particular moment.

In a Facebook post on August 8, police in nearby Greenville, South Carolina wanted to remind locals that firing weapons at any suspects may end up "wounding a fun-loving and well-intentioned person, sweating in a gorilla costume."

Meanwhile, Gawain MacGregor, 36, of Minnesota has since claimed he was the one the Bigfoot hunters bumped into that night. In an interview with McDowell News, MacGregor says he was in the woods, dressed in coat made of raccoon pelts, performing a shamanistic ritual in the hopes of reuniting with the creature, whom he claims to have spotted in the past.

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