Encounter With The Unknown (1973)


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The film presents three allegedly true stories of the supernatural. In the first tale, a witch places a lethal curse on the three young men who were inadvertently responsible for her son's death. In the second, a boy's dog disappears in the vicinity of a hole in the ground from which frightening sounds have been emanating; the boy's father agrees to be lowered into the hole to see if he can recover the dog, and to find out what's making the noise. The final story involves a strange, disoriented girl and the married couple who attempt to give her a ride home. According to the opening narration, the stories are based on research conducted by Dr. Jonathan Rankin, a parapsychologist, but this is evidently a fictional device as no record of the name "Jonathan Rankin" exists in parapsychological studies. The third tale, in fact, is simply a version of the Vanishing hitchhiker, a popular urban legend. The stories themselves are narrated by Rod Serling, but the opening and closing portions of the film feature a second, uncredited narrator. The film was shot in Little Rock, Arkansas, at locations which include the Capital Hotel and Mount Holly Cemetery.

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