Snowbeast (1977)


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Snowbeast (1977)

Summary -

Snowbeast is a 1977 made for TV film in which a bigfoot or yeti like monster kills several skiers from a Colorado ski resort during its annual winter carnival. The plot is similar to that of the movie Jaws. Full movie.

Credits -

Bo Svenson
Yvette Mimieux
Robert Logan
Clint Walker
Sylvia Sidney
Thomas Babson
Jacquie Botts
Kathy Christopher
Jamie Jamison
Richard Jamison
Liz Jury
Richard Jury
Rob McClung
Annie McEnroe
Victor Raider-Wexler

Directed by Herb Wallerstein
Written by Joseph Stefano

Trivia -

In the South Park episode ManBearPig (2006), Al Gore "stalks" the boys while dressed as ManBearPig. The episode references the 1977 movie Snowbeast, which features similar music and presentation to that segment. The tagline reads "The legendary creature is half man... half animal... and a cold blooded killer!" which is similar to how the ManBearPig is described.

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