Top 7 Sightings of Strange Cryptids Believed To Be Real


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A video I created about some cryptids that have been spotted around the world and are allegedly real. Watch the video to learn more :-)

It features: Chupacabra (spotted in U.S., Latin America, and even Russia, the animal vampire), Sasquatch (American Pacific Northwest), The Loch Ness Monster (Scotland, Nessie), The Mongolian Death Worm (Gobi Desert, also known as Allghoi khorkhoi), Thunderbirds huge birds (Europe and Asia), Phantom Cats (aka Alien Big Cats, Asia, Oceania, and Europe), Mokele-Mbembe (Congo River Basin, Africa, possible Brontosaurus), Mothman (spotted in 1966-67 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia), The Jersey Devil, Yeti (Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet).

Deep Haze - Kevin MacLeod (
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