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The Crypto Files - Altamaha-ha
The Altamaha-ha is a river/sea monster type of creature that is said to inhabit the Altamaha river. The Altamaha River stretches 137 miles through Georgia until it finally spills into the Atlantic Ocean near Brunswick, Georgia. It is the third largest amount of fresh water dumped into the Atlantic ocean from the United States. Sights of the Altamaha-ha date date back into the early 1700's and sightings, though rare, have continued until our present times. The Altamaha-ha is also known by the shorter name "Altie". ©2016 Zombie Media, The Crypto Files Please do not download and upload this video or any of our videos to your channel. Sharing and embedding the video is fine. ----------- Websites of interest ------------ The Crypto Crew - Paranormal Vids - Report a Sighting - ------- Books and Films -------- I Saw a UFO: Mysteries of the sky (Book) - Bigfoot witness (book) - Bigfoot witness (film) - Bigfoot:Still Tracking a Legend (film) - Bigfoot: Tracking a Legend extended cut (film) - Hunter shoots Bigfoot (film) - Oregon Home of Bigfoot (film) - Bigfoot The evidence files (film) - Book of Blackthorne -(book) - Anyone who is interested in supporting our research efforts can donate using paypal to the email: and/or by visiting our website at
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20 Ghost Paranormal Activity Videos Caught on Tape | Real Ghosts Caught On Camera (2016) Part 1
20 Ghost Paranormal Activity Videos Caught on Tape | Real Ghosts Caught On Camera (2016). Have you ever seen a scary ghost? Do you think they exist? Let's find out! Here we presented you the Scary Ghost Videos, Scary Real Ghost Videos Caught On Tape, Scary Videos, Scary ghost Caught On Camera Real Life 2016. Are these ghost footage REAL or FAKE? SCARY REAL GHOST CAUGHT ON TAPE!!! Here on this ghostworldtv channel we like to give you an idea or scenarios that how people may encounter scary creepiest ghost videos and how scary ghost can be seen and caught in different ways. But we still do not reality of such creepy ghost videos and no in the world can authenticate these creepiest spookiest ghost caught videos. ALL MY LINKS: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Watch Scary Ghost Videos | Real Ghost Videos Caught On Tape | Scary Videos | Caught On Camera Real Life Spooky Ghost Caught on tape | Real Paranormal Activity Videos | Famous Ghost Footage and Scary ghost videos,scary ghost video,Scary Video,Scary Videos,scariest ghost videos,real scary ghost,Scary,Scariest,Scariest Videos,Scariest YouTube Videos,Scariest YouTube Video,Scariest YouTube,ghost videos,Ghost caught on tape,real ghost caught on tape,Top 5 Ghost Videos,ghost sightings,ghost videos caught on tape,real scary video,paranormal activity,creepy videos,Ghost caught,ghost on tape,ghost and much more. Top 5 Scary Ghost Videos Scariest Real Ghost Videos Caught On Tape Scary Videos, Scary ghost videos Scary real ghost caught on tape Scary ghost sightings, ghost videos caught on tape Scary videos of real ghost, ghost videos 2016 Scariest, Haunted, Ghosts, ghost videos real Scary ghost videos caught on tape real ghost videos real scary, ghost videos 2015 real Scary ghost videos caught on tape 2015 Scary ghost videos and pictures, ghost videos in america Scary ghost videos hollywood, top 10 ghost videos, top 15 ghost videos real ghost videos,real ghost caught on camera,real ghost,ghost videos,real ghost caught on tape,real ghost video,scary videos,ghost videos real,ghost real videos,ghost real,scary ghost videos,ghost under tree,horror movies,horror videos,horror movies 2015,scary movies,akdmkdtkd,aliens,Haunted Highway,Scary,Ghosts,Tape,Caught,Real,Spirits,Hunters,Activity,top ghost video,best ghost video,ghost attack My Scariest Ghost Videos Playlist: Scary Ghost Animal Encounters Scariest Ghost Videos Scary YouTube Videos Scary CCTV ghost on tape My Creepiest Videos: Scariest GHOST CAUGHT ON TAPE! Unaware lady is followed by scary ghost?? Scary YouTube Videos!! Ghost Seen By Dog In My House?! Real Ghost Caught In Apartment Part 03 Let us know what you feel about these creepiest ghost videos and share your ghosts or creepy spooky experience with us and share any creepy video with us if you have. DISCLAIMER: These creepiest and scariest ghost videos are only for entertainment. We do not authenticate these scary spookiest and scary ghost videos. Please use your mind while watching these scariest YouTube videos and creepiest YouTube videos. We Do not authenticate these ghost attack and ghost sightings happening in different haunted house and we are not 100% sure about these real ghost on tape videos. Just watch scary ghost videos for fun and enjoy. AGAIN WE CAN NOT AUTHENTICATE ALL VIDEOS.VIEWERS ARE FREE TO MAKE THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS. I OWN ALL COMMERCIAL RIGHTS FOR THESE VIDEOS. SO IF ANYBODY USING OUR VIDEOS, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE DOING SO. OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE SUBJECTED TO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. PEOPLES ARE ADVISED TO USE THEIR BRAIN.LOL
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