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The Crypto Files - Altamaha-ha
The Altamaha-ha is a river/sea monster type of creature that is said to inhabit the Altamaha river. The Altamaha River stretches 137 miles through Georgia until it finally spills into the Atlantic Ocean near Brunswick, Georgia. It is the third largest amount of fresh water dumped into the Atlantic ocean from the United States. Sights of the Altamaha-ha date date back into the early 1700's and sightings, though rare, have continued until our present times. The Altamaha-ha is also known by the shorter name "Altie". ©2016 Zombie Media, The Crypto Files Please do not download and upload this video or any of our videos to your channel. Sharing and embedding the video is fine. ----------- Websites of interest ------------ The Crypto Crew - Paranormal Vids - Report a Sighting - ------- Books and Films -------- I Saw a UFO: Mysteries of the sky (Book) - Bigfoot witness (book) - Bigfoot witness (film) - Bigfoot:Still Tracking a Legend (film) - Bigfoot: Tracking a Legend extended cut (film) - Hunter shoots Bigfoot (film) - Oregon Home of Bigfoot (film) - Bigfoot The evidence files (film) - Book of Blackthorne -(book) - Anyone who is interested in supporting our research efforts can donate using paypal to the email: and/or by visiting our website at
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