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Website for Jurassic Gorilla: BIGFOOT FOOTAGE as well as a comprehensive animated update of Bigfoot Expert Dr. Jeffery Meldrum's Falcon Project. Bigfoot Found, The Mark Anders Channel BEGIN TRANSCRIPT Harry Callahan: We want to talk about the Mexican Bigfoot which is on the right side of your screen but we also want to talk about Jeffrey Meldrum who is involved in something called the Falcon Project. Paul Kersey: Is that the project where they have the hot air balloons that are very quiet and fly at very high altitudes so you're not going to hear it on the ground. They can see things from far off distances, They can cover large amounts of land. Harry Callahan: What he wants to do, Jeffrey Meldrum, he was trying to raise money for the project. He wasn't raising it at first and it seemed like an embarrassment because he says, " I want to raise several hundred grand so I can fly around in a giant blimp". Paul Kersey: So as of late did somebody step in and support this project? Harry Callahan: It sounds like someone's putting up three dirigibles or something along those lines and he's going to be flying above the Pacific Northwest, it seems, and its going to be detecting Bigfoot with thermal cameras. Paul Kersey: So, this sounds really promising. They could really come up with something here. Harry Callahan: There's tons of people that have found Bigfoot, it's just a matter of capturing it now. So is he just be recreating what we've already been doing? Paul Kersey: I really think its going to be a rehash of what Mark Anders is already doing. Harry Callahan: And they're not even going to be having images as good as we have. They're going to be using thermal images. Paul Kersey: We don't know. We haven't seen what they're going to be bringing to the table. Harry Callahan: If they're that high up how are they going to get the images? Paul Kersey: What if they actually capture a Bigfoot? Harry Callahan: How are they going to capture a Bigfoot if a quarter mile in the sky? Paul Kersey: Maybe they have a secret way of doing it that we don't yet know about. Harry Callahan: In the meantime, you have a Bigfoot right on the screen, a Mexican Bigfoot in Mount Laguna, California. Paul Kersey: The one that travels the 2650 mile migratory route from Mexico to Canada. Harry Callahan: This might end up in the Pacific Northwest and you might get a lesser version of it with Jeffrey Meldrum giving you a thermal image when when got the actual photographic image. END TRANSCRIPT Mark Anders Channel
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Website for Jurassic Gorilla: Video of a South Carolina Bigfoot. The Bigfoot Community is still reeling from the revelation that Bigfoot train hop. The antiquated idea that Bigfoot are constantly hiding while moving tree to tree is now seen as absurd. Bigfoot is no longer viewed as low intelligence beings that are stuck in the Pacific North West. The Mark Anders Channel is where Bigfooters go to hear the latest Bigfoot discoveries. Mark Anders has a website: MARK ANDERS APPROVED WEBSITE: MARK ANDERS WEBSITE: Bigfoot and Train Hopping, The Mark Anders Channel BEGIN TRANSCRIPT Harry Callahan: This is the Anderson County Bigfoot. Paul Kersey: The Majestic Southern Gentleman. Harry Callahan: This is a fantastic photo. We can zoom out enough so people can see what's going on. It's a cool look. Its obviously taken during autumn or winter. I want to take about the Salton Sea. Paul Kersey: I place I'd like to point out that doesn't have a lot of dentist offices. Let's put it that way. There are a few people that are missing a few teeth. This reminds me of probably like the hills like backwoods areas like maybe somewhere in the Ozarks. Harry Callahan: Kind of like the Hills Have Eyes. Oh, you're saying like the Appalachian mountains? Paul Kersey: We found a lot of things with eyes and they all aren't pretty. Harry Callahan: We're going to go there because there's Bigfoot sightings. Paul Kersey: We're going to load up on mace though and I'm going to get a permit for a gun. Let's put it that way. Harry Callahan: That's a must. People had talked about Bigfoot hopping trains in the area for the longest time, and this is in Southern California. Paul Kersey: I don't know why you'd even say that. Hopping trains? That's dangerous! Harry Callahan: I know but don't you think a seven foot tall Bigfoot that's very agile --- Paul Kersey: It's an animal. It doesn't have any sense. Harry Callahan: Wrong. Bigfoot is not an animal, its a human. Paul Kersey: Its a lumbering creature that has no agile movement. Harry Callahan: No. It has tremendous agile movement. That's like saying a Neanderthal's not a human. Paul Kersey: Don't you see them in the movies? They're like AAARRGGG. They're goofy and they're not that smart. Harry Callahan: No. That's defamatory. You should take that back because most people outside Africa like Asians, Native Americans, and Europeans have a percentage of Neanderthal blood. You just insulted all those people. Paul Kersey: I'm not insulting anybody. Harry Callahan: Yes, you are. Paul Kersey: What I would say is that the female moves a little bit more gracefully and-- Harry Callahan: Then she's the one that hops trains. Paul Kersey: All right.I'll agree with that. Harry Callahan: No, I think they both do. Paul Kersey: The female probably helps the male hop the trains. Harry Callahan: Males are bigger than the females. Who are the top athletes, they male or female? Paul Kersey: In the Bigfoot world its reversed. Harry Callahan: No. Who are the strongest? The European weightlifters are the strongest of the males. Paul Kersey: Well, correct me if I'm wrong but the female looks about as strong as the male. Its a lot nicer big round butt and big giant knockers but beyond that.. Harry Callahan: You're talking about the Angeles National Forest Bigfoot. Paul Kersey: But the arms and their legs. They've got the strength of ten men. Mark Anders Channel
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Website for Jurassic Gorilla: Is the Gluteal size on this Angeles National Forest female Bigfoot due to muscular development or fat deposits? Is the rear end development on the female Bigfoot more pronounced than on the males? Mark Anders has a website: MARK ANDERS APPROVED WEBSITE: MARK ANDERS WEBSITE: Bigfoot Female, The Mark Anders Channel BEGIN TRANSCRIPT Harry Callahan: This is the Angeles National Forest Bigfoot retreating into the woods. Paul Kersey: Why? All I'm seeing here is a lot of booty. This is really big. This looks different than the others we've seen. Harry Callahan: I want to point out to the viewers that part of the breast is cropped because of the branches. Paul Kersey: Are you sure that's not just smaller breasts. Harry Callahan: No. It just looks that way because the branches are blocking. Paul Kersey: The trackers could be very far away with a super big lens. Harry Callahan: They ansolutely are. Paul Kersey: Why don't they get in closer. We need better more clearer photographs. Harry Callahan: If they get much closer Bigfoot is going to run away. We have not seen enough photos of Bigfoot to determine if this Bigfoot is atypical of the female Bigfoot. Do female Bigfoots all have butts like this? Because this Bigfoot has a bigger butt than I've ever seen. Paul Kersey: Bigger than the male Bigfoot? Harry Callahan: Absolutely. Paul Kersey: It just sticks out more than the male. Harry Callahan: That's what I'm saying. They all do but this one has an even larger butt. Some of these things from the side look wider than this. It depends on what angle. Paul Kersey: How do they get that size of a butt? What kind of workout are they doing? Is it just from walking? Are these Brazilian? Harry Callahan: I think on the female Bigfoot they have more fat stores on the buttocks just like they have breast tissue but also more fat on the breast area. Paul Kersey: Are you saying just being fat gives you a bigger butt and bigger breasts? Harry Callahan: I'm saying to a degree it does.Absolutely. Paul Kersey: So women,if they want bigger breasts and butts they should just gain a little weight. Harry Callahan: Well, breast tissue is separate but also fat does accumulate on the breast area and butt area. Paul Kersey: If you lose a little bit of weight everything's going to disappear. Your butt and your breasts. Boom. Gone. Harry Callahan: That happens. Mark Anders Channel
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