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Missing People, Dogmen, Bigfoot
Crypto Four Corner's Jack Cary talks about their investigations into strange and anomalous creatures and beings, as well as the many things that have been reported to them by other witnesses and the possibilities for their origins. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE! supernatural, ghosts, hauntings, orbs, demons, possession, devil, evil, creature, unbelievable, unknown, mystery, freaky, scary, crazy, haunted house, paranormal, strange, weird, odd, incredible, terror, ufo, cryptids, murder, stalking, vampires, werewolves, mothman, bigfoot, sasquatch, alien, E.T., extra terrestrial, alien hybrid, alien abduction, space ship, martian, space, planets, vortex, gray alien, grey alien, green men, mother ship, craft, space craft, rocket, unidentifyed flying object, terrifying, abduction, kidnapping, aboard, experiments, examine, probe, implants, abduction phenomenon, nonhuman entities, entities, extraterrestrial biological entity, X-Files, E.B.E., abductees, contactees, Dover Demon, Flatwoods Monster, Jersey Devil, Owlman, Lizard Man, Scape Ore Swamp Monster, Mermaids, Mermen, Werewolf, Demon Dog, Dogmen, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Pope Lick Monster, Canvey Island Monster, Goatman, Goat Sucker, Chupacabra, Fairies, Wee Folk, Leprechauns, Agogwe, Almas, Beaman, Yeren, Mothman, Orang Pendek, Yowie, The Mongolian Death Worm, Thunderbirds, Loch Ness Monster, Skunk Ape, Trunko, Hairy Hominid, Windigo, Wendigo, Gnomes, Montauk Monster, Sea Serpents, Cryptozoology,
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Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 10: Thunderbird
A LIVING FOSSIL? Native American legend speaks of a Thunderbird, an enormous flying creature with a wingspan more than twice the length of a war canoe (approximately 20 feet). According to myths from Pacific Northwest, Plains and Northeastern tribes, the Thunderbird was actually a god in animal form, and the thunderous sound of its flapping wings was meant to scare humans away from its territory. Although many stories claim the Thunderbird's favorite prey is the killer whale, other myths from the Illini tribe depict these monstrous birds as vengeful hunters, prone to grabbing children in their talons and carrying them away to kill them. Some cryptozoologists today compare thunderbirds to pterosaurs, giant birds of prey that roamed the skies 115 million years ago. WHY PEOPLE BELIEVE: Even before the turn of the 20th century, a group of cowboys in the southwest United States claimed to have killed an enormous bird, which they nailed to the side of a barn and photographed (the photo has since been lost). In July 1977, a boy from Lawndale, Illinois claimed to have been attacked by a giant bird, which clamped onto him and then lifted him for a distance of at least 30 yards. He managed to escape unharmed. Other sightings of enormous birds in New Mexico, Alaska, Texas and Pennsylvania have been reported in recent years. But some think the witnesses may simply have misjudged the birds' size. The largest scientifically recognized bird in North America is the California condor, with a wingspan of up to 10 feet.
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5 REAL Alien Encounters
There are Aliens in the Night Sky - And Aliens in our Dark Rooms . . . This world is a strange one. The ages old question remains - Are aliens real? Well, I implore you to ask yourself a different question about extraterrestrials - Not if aliens are real, but what do aliens want? Aliens are real - There is no doubt about that. In fact, mathematically and scientifically, the odds are that they must be real (eventually)! So, what are aliens intentions? And what does that mean for mankind? Here are 5 TRUE Encounters with REAL Aliens to boggle your mind, screw up your sleep schedule, and make you hope that you aren't abducted in the night. Enjoy. 5 True Encounters with Real Aliens List - Alien Encounters - Alien Abduction - Bizarre Alien Encounter - Real Aliens - Cradled by an Alien PATREON! Support me if you can! Let's grow together! All music by Kevin MacLeod. All images copyright of their respective owners. True Scary Stories and Encounters from Subscribe to this Disturbing Channel for more Alien Abductions and Alien Encounters! Check out our Book with Scary Stories from Reddit! Submit your own True Creepy Stories! We want to hear about your encounters and sightings of Creepy Aliens! Have you been abducted by real creepy aliens?
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