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"Mothman" Urban Legend Profile
The last urban legend profile went VERY well, so I may do these every Thursday as a bonus upload! What do you guys think, and if you like the idea, what urban legend would you like to see done? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HORROR ►► DOWNLOAD MY APP TODAY- APPLE- ► ANDROID- ► PATREON- ► SIDE CHANNEL- ►"CreepsMcPasta Plays": ►"Game Reviews": SPECIAL THANKS- ►MrCreepyPasta: ►ProfessorCreep: ►G. Preeb: ►Leo Winston: ►Dan McWilliams ►Jack Prowler ►Shelby Hatcher ►Xasha R Lightstone G for their amazing donation on Patreon! ►MORE INFO: PLAYLISTS- ►"Personal Favourites": ►"Creepypasta 2014": ►"Short but Sweet": ►"Written by Me": ►"Video Game Creepypastas": ►"Feelspastas": NEW SHIRTS- ► FOLLOW ME ON- ►Facebook: ►Tumblr: ►Twitter: ►Twitch: ►Instagram: CREEPYPASTA MUSIC/ SFX- ► ♪ ► ♪ ► ♪ -This creepypasta is for entertainment purposes only-
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The Crypto Files - Agogwe
Welcome to episode 18 of The Crypto Files. In this episode we take a look at what most consider some type of cousin to our beloved Bigfoot. It is known as Agogwe and it is found in the forest of East Africa. The agogwe is also known as the kakundakari or kilomba in Zimbabwe and the Congo region. Some theories suggest that agogwe are a surviving species of Gracile australopithecine, a bipedal primate known to science from approximately 2.5-4.5 million years ago. Others think it could be bonobos, which are chimp-like creatures that occasionally walk upright. The Crypto Files episode 18 ©2016 Zombie Media Please do not download and upload this video or any of our videos to your channel. Sharing and embedding the video is fine. ----------- Websites of interest ------------ The Crypto Crew - Paranormal Vids - Report a Sighting - ------- Books and Films -------- I Saw a UFO: Mysteries of the sky (Book) - Bigfoot witness (book) - Bigfoot witness (film) - Bigfoot:Still Tracking a Legend (film) - Bigfoot: Tracking a Legend extended cut (film) - Hunter shoots Bigfoot (film) - Oregon Home of Bigfoot (film) - Bigfoot The evidence files (film) - Book of Blackthorne -(book) - Anyone who is interested in supporting our research efforts can donate using paypal to the email: and/or by visiting our website at
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