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BIGFOOT South Carolina FREAK
Website for Jurassic Gorilla: Anderson County, South Carolina. We also discuss the craziness of Slab City, California and have video as well. Bigfoot has been spotted in the Salton Sea/Slab City area of California. Mark Anders has a website: MARK ANDERS APPROVED WEBSITE: MARK ANDERS WEBSITE: Bigfoot South Carolina Freak, The Mark Anders Channel BEGIN TRANSCRIPT Harry Callahan: This is the Anderson County, South Carolina Bigfoot. Paul Kersey: The Southern Gentleman. Harry Callahan: This is a very beautiful shot, very colorful. Paul Kersey: I don't think any one's arguing with you. Harry Callahan: Well, I'm arguing against myself. I want to get on another topic. I want to talk about the Salton Sea. It's blowing my mind. We were at the area last Sunday and it was stunning because this is an area where there's a lot of Bigfoot sightings. This is not a UFO channel. Paul Kersey: We don't deny UFOs. Harry Callahan: Its not something I'm necessarily into. Paul Kersey: I'm not saying whether you're into it, certainly they're there. I'm not going to question UFOs. Harry Callahan: If you do a search of UFO and Salton Sea there are sightings in the area because there's a military base. We saw a military base there. Paul Kersey: We saw a military base that you'd never find on a map. Harry Callahan: There's also all these signs that say unexploded ordinances . There were bombing ranges and things were left over from the 1940s or whenever. A lot of the military base, in fact the whole Slab City, which is now a hippie zone with Bible freaks and- Paul Kersey: Certainly, its the outliers. Its the subculture. Its people that don't want to live on the grid. They don't have sewage. They don't have electricity and the electricity they do have is solar powered. We've witnessed this. Harry Callahan: There're junkies.... Paul Kersey: They place is falling apart. These people are disheveled. In fact, we did see a swastika flag flying. That alone will send a shiver down your spine. Harry Callahan: That was not technically in --. Right next to it was a rebel flag and the next resident down has a Nazi flag. That was not technically in Slab City.It was before the entrance to Slab City. Then you go over two railroad tracks, then there's a reservoir of water... Paul Kersey: Then there's a guard shack to the entrance. Harry Callahan: That used to be the guard shack. There's not actually a guard, there used to be. Paul Kersey: That's a guard shack for the military. Harry Callahan: It used to be. Now it just has a bunch of graffiti on it and people take pisses inside. One of them smelled like urine as soon as you go inside. Paul Kersey: This is a no mans land. People are free to do whatever, whenever, however, no one questions it. The police aren't there but the military are. Harry Callahan: But it relates to Bigfoot because this is a place where a lot of people spot Bigfoot and also where we've heard reports of them hopping trains. We'll have more on it the next episode. END TRANSCRIPT Mark Anders Channel
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